BCE “KS” type burners are generally use in processes where are not required particular performance like restricted emission levels or high thermal power demand. Such processes could be air or gas heaters, incinerator or biomass boiler where they are used for start-up and heat-up of generator.
These burners are not provide with air wind box; combustion air comes from a distributor duct which is flanged directly to burner. There isn’t an air register but only a diffuser for air distribution.
BCE can also supply burners for “KILN” processes: these burners have similar design to “KS” burners but they can be adapted to KILN furnaces conditions. According to the system in object, KILN burners could have one, two or three combustion air distributor suitable for fresh or pre-heated combustion air. They are usually supplied complete with refractory throat and, if required, with isolated wind box.
KS and KILN burners can operate either with gas or fuel oil/diesel oil.