BCE is able to provide engineering and/or complete supply of mechanically, electrically and pneumatically assembled skids. Typically we supply skids for heavy fuel oil/diesel oil and fuel gas feeding line to burners.
Each skid is normally designed according to the relevant Code & Standards for such equipment, i.e. ASME, PED, API, TEMA, ATEX and so on.
Fuel oil heating and pumping unit are necessary where fuel oil combustion is required. In such combustion system, fuel oil must reach the burners with a correct temperature (to reduce the viscosity) and correct pressure (to guarantee a stable atomization). This is what assembled oil skids are made for. Depending on combustion system power and relative design criteria (pressure limits, overdesign, available stream, redundant logics), we supply every items necessary to the correct operating of the system which skid is connected to.
Main items that take place on assembled oil skids can be inlet and outlet strainers, pumps with coupled electric motors, heat exchangers which could be electrical or feeding by medium or low pressure steam, fuel oil control and recirculation valve, steam control valve (if any), valves and instrumentation train for local/remote control and management, junction box cabled and wired, compressed instrument air distribution for pneumatic valves. Moreover is important to maintain in temperature the fuel oil line, in particular when the unit is not in operating, to avoid occlusions by cold oil and to guarantee the prompt availability when necessary; this could be made by electric tracing or steam tracing (with low pressure steam) around the piping and components.
We could provide equally to diesel oil skid supply, basing on the same Standard and Codes and design criteria. Such systems are simpler than previous because diesel oil is easier to treat; in fact the heating line is not necessary (electric or made by steam) as well as tracing and therefore the equipment installed are less than the other, if compared to the same power required.