BCE can provide complete solutions for the safe and efficient start – up, operation and shut – down of complete combustion systems for Water tube boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), Waste to energy incinerators, Waste liquid and gaseous streams incinerators and many other industrial applications.
The typical Burner Management and Control System is consisting of two separated units as per NFPA 85 “Boilers and Combustion Systems Hazards Code – Last Edition” requirements. Upon Client’s requirement simpler systems designed are also available.
BCE engineers develop all the engineering lay – out drawings, electrical schemes and software in house.
The Burner Management System ensure that burners start – up, shut – down and operation take place under safe and controlled conditions, acquiring signals from in field instrumentation and performing all trips related to safety. BCE can also provide the Control system which is also connected to field instrumentation and provides the continuous modulation of the burner firing rate, according to the requirements of Client’s process. A SCADA – Basic graphic interface is provided with the control system to ensure that Client’s personnel can easily operate and oversee the plant.
All the systems are designed to be linked in a control network using all main standard communication protocols (ModBus, Profibus, TCP/IP, etc.). BCE continued support ensures competent and adequate technical assistance to any Client everywhere in the world, following installation, commissioning, and start – up of the combustion system, and providing maintenance and spare parts to maximize the system’s lifetime.

The Burner Management System engineered by BCE are able to control and manage various combustion systems, with one or multi burners boiler which operate with one or multi fuels at the same time. The systems are usually based on Programmable Logic Circuit (PLC) complete with all necessary hardware and I/O modules, buttons and lamps for operator interface and visualization of alarms/trips from cabinet front.
We could provide as well to special systems based on timers and relays for particular application.
The Burner Management System is designed according to the Client’s specific requirements for Fail Safe PLC with single or redundant CPUs and power supply units. System architecture allows maximum modularity and ease of maintenance.
Each Burner Management System is supplied completely configured, cabled and wired to terminal strips in a free standing cabinet and tested (with Client witnessing if required) at our workshop by means of an I/O simulator.
All main PLC brands can be provided. In particular we usually supply:

  • HIMA
  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley

Burner Management System Brochure


  • Burner Management System completely assembled and tested at our workshop with issue of internal test certificate (if required, test could be witnessed)
  • BMS detailed lay-out drawing
  • BMS electrical schemes and I/O lists
  • Local panel (usually one for each burner) with push buttons and lamps wired and tested
  • Operating and maintenance manuals


KT IMPIANTI - FENICE - Melfi (Italy)
Revamping of Macchi Steam Boiler - Hima H51q-HS
DEMONT - ENI POWER Bolgiano (Italy)
Heat Recovery Steam Generator - Siemens S7-400 H/F
Revamping of Idrotermici Steam Boiler - Hima H51q-HRS
BASF - Pontecchio Marconi (Italy)
Waste incinerator - Hima H41q-HS
Steam Boiler - Siemens S7-414 H/F
TM.E - San Vittore Del Lazio (Italy)
Solid Waste Incinerator - Siemens S7-315 F