Low NOx burners DMPJE are equipped with two air registers suitable for any kind of liquid and/or gaseous fuel with the possibility to fire one ore more fuels at the same time. Combustion air is divided into “primary” and “secondary” flows resulting in stratified combustion. This solution allow a general reduction of combustion temperature and therefore lowers thermal NOx generation.
They are provided with a series of gas lances made from stainless steel which can be adjusted during the operation. These lances injected the larger part of fuel gas; a small quantity is injected trough a central gas gun to ensure the flame stability.
When is requested a mixed gas/oil applications, a liquid atomizer replaces the central gas gun.
Air vorticity is generated and guaranteed by the vanes which formed each air register. The position of such vanes is set during the start – up phases and is important to control the flame intensity and shape which are different from one combustion chamber to another or from one fuel to another.
Fuel gas is distributed through an external plenum and a series on gas lances each of which is provided with a skew faced “multi jets” nozzle which can be adjusted and rotated to optimise gas distribution without halting burner operation.
Low NOx burners DMPJE are designed to meet low NOx requirements while providing high combustion efficiency and extreme versatility.
Typical applications of these type burners includes forced or balanced draft boilers as well as any kind of refinery or industrial furnace, thermal oxidizers and process heaters.