BCE produces a wide range of industrial electric pilot ignitors suitable for the light up of large industrial burners. The most powerful pilot ignitors are based on high – energy systems developed over decades of experience in applications requiring safe and reliable operation, such as power generation plants and steam generating utilities.
The High Energy ignition systems are insuring a number of robust intermittent sparks, realised by the energy accumulated by a capacitor, providing more powerful ignition capacity than high tension arc electrodes.
The HE series of BCE pilot ignitors includes gas electric ignitors, light oil electric ignitors, without or with premixed air, suitable for continuous operation, as well as the direct spark ignitor for light up of heavy oil.
Usually, pilot ignitors are an integral part of the supply of burners or combustion systems, but we can also provide the single pilot ignitor as a part of new combustion system as well as revamping of existing systems.
The pilot ignitors can be supplied with in-built flame scanners or ionisation flame rods, with automatic retraction drivers and with power supply units for installation in any environment and hazardous area.
High Energy Electric Ignitor is capable to withstanding to every temperature which could be present inside wind box (up to 350 °C), and the discharge head itself must withstand to the very high radiation and temperature close to the burner flame. The BCE unit is suitable for a maximum surface temperature of 750 °C at the discharge head.

The pilot ignitor consists of three main parts, namely:

  • Control Box, in which the power for the discharge is generated;
  • High Voltage Armoured Cable, used to carry this power to the ignitor itself;
  • The Special Ignitor End, at which the discharge occurs across a semi conductor gap.

We can provide pilot ignitors for a wide range of application and for any kind of industrial process, as industrial boilers for steam/power generation, which burners where installed on boilers front wall or at boilers corners (tangential combustion), refinery or industrial furnace, thermal oxidizers and process heaters and so on.