BCE burners type “VRGO” are typically equipped with a series of gas lance and one central gas lance. If designed to burn heavy fuel oil or diesel oil, the central gas lance is replaced with fuel oil/diesel atomizer.
The “VRGO” burners are designed to reach high efficiency combustion level and can be supplied as part of new combustion systems as well as revamping of existing plants.
The typical supply is completed with combustion air wind box and combustion air isolating and balancing damper. In “VRGO” burner the air vorticity is guaranteed by a swirler made from stainless steel installed near the burner throat on an apposite tube.
The simple and compact design enable the use of these burners in a wide range of application and in particular they are largely use in small systems as heaters or preheaters or where is necessary a series of burners like in furnaces.