BCE is close to its Customers and, for this reason, is important for us to give all the necessary support, efficient and quick, whenever is necessary. Our service team personnel have a lot of experience in field application and work closely with our technical offices in order to provide the best solution at your problems. We could provide a lot of services from consulting, presale and after sale.


Start-up and Commissioning Assistance

Working closely to power plant manufacturer we are usually called to start-up our combustion system, and tuning our burners into the best configuration, which give to Client the best performance in terms of emission levels and combustion efficiency. Also, BCE produce Burner Management Systems, which are key components for Boilers and combustion systems. Our software engineers are qualified to test on field such safety machines, after FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and prior boiler start-up, in order to provide the safety conditions in every situation, according to NFPA Code.


Training of local personnel

If requested by Client, BCE can provide the training of plant workers, in particular regarding the fundamental principles of combustion, combustion system, burner management system and control system. Our engineers will transfer their knowledge, thanks to a long experience, to Client’s employees, for a correct maintenance and management of the combustion system.


Maintenance and Spare Parts

A regular maintenance to our combustion equipment will guarantee a good performance, safety and longevity during the years. We could schedule with our Client an ordinary technical assistance or, if necessary, an extraordinary technical service.
Moreover, our Spare Parts dept. may satisfy all Client’s request in any moment for each of our plant all over the world. Please contact us for information or request for quotation giving some details of our job.


Evaluation and Revamping

Our company has the capabilities to evaluate your combustion system and all the equipment installed to support the process i.e. valve and instrumentation train, burner management system, combustion air distribution, control system and so on in order to provide technical service to upgrade your system. A written relation with technical solutions, which enable our Client to choose the best way to act, basing on its needs and financial possibilities, usually follows such activities.
However, if Client wants an important activity, which permit a radical improvement of the existing system, BCE could provide a complete revamping of the combustion system, to reach the best combustion efficiency and boiler performances with low pollutant emissions, and to ensure your system performs safely, reliably and effectively.